Client Testimonials

by , May 15, 2018

“I’m a writer who needed a new website designed, and I am more than glad that I turned to Laura Sayegh and Deanna Gray to handle the task. They showed tremendous courtesy, punctuality, technical competence and artistic judgment – qualities that made my site,, a success. This is not just coming from me; it’s coming from my wife and friends who have told me that the website this team created is excellent. Did I mention that both Deanna and Laura are very nice people? Well, they are.”

Tim Spofford

“Our phone rings off the hook, and the good part is that the inquirers know which room they want. We don’t have to describe each room. Our rooms are all different and it used to take about 15 minutes to go over everything about the hotel. Now they can see it all online, check availability and there are no surprises. With an old Historic building, there can be surprises! Saving time taking reservations means more time to interact with our guests once they get here. We have many foreign visitors and the fact that the website can be converted to their language is a wonderful tool. Deanna did a great job redesigning our website and took wonderful photos too.

I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a change!”

Stanley Bairs
Island Hotel Cedar Key

“Deanna worked for me or with me for several years when we were both at Kobie Marketing. Her work was always excellent, as was her attitude. Deanna could always be counted on to meet all deadlines. Her diligence was outstanding, and she brought a very high level of both creative and programming skill to every project. Her varied talents would make her a very strong asset for any team.”

Sharon Avery
Formerly VP of Marketing Services
Kobie Marketing

“I worked with Deanna on a website design where she was the programmer. The site received a first place award for the Florida Parks and Recreation Association and is still being used: I believe it was in 2010.

Deanna was a pleasure to work with. She was always completely intuitive. The work was exceptional and her communications skills made it very easy to work remotely. The results were visually pleasing, navigation was seamless, even the media (Bay News 9) ran the site on the T.V. station for 48 hours and promoted it on their own site. I would hire her again if I had a project of this magnitude and have recommended Gray Graphics to other companies since. I am grateful that I found her.

Each phase was on time and the completion of the whole project was on schedule.

Alexis Shuder
Former Director of Marketing
St. Petersburg Parks and Recreation

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